Qualified. Committed. Capable.

I am running because I believe we are in crisis, and the government we have cannot or will not help us. I believe I have the leadership skills, knowledge and passion to help build an America that ensures a path to financial stability for all working families, protects our freedoms, rebuilds the natural environment and mitigates climate change, and sets us on a path for a better future for the generations to come.

A lifelong public servant, I have the qualifications, commitment and proven track record to make government work for Maryland's 5th District.



I am an attorney, an economist and an energy and environmental expert.

I have served in the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, in the state government as a Public Defender, and local government as the Director of the Department of Environment in Prince George’s County.

I understand how government works- and how to make it work for people. I know how to write laws, and I know how to get them passed. I understand how agencies work, and also the reasons they don’t work for us. I have the know-how to build the government working people need- instead of one that just serves the rich and powerful.


I am a lifetime public servant, a community organizer and activist. 

I was an activist from a young age, attending actions, rallying supporters, creating petitions and speaking at community meetings. I began organizing in law school, working first on political campaigns and then on issue campaigns and in coalitions. I believe change only comes when the people hold their leaders accountable. 

I am a life-long environmentalist, and have always been passionate about the Chesapeake Bay. I was raised in the Mid-Atlantic and am a proud to have chosen to be a Marylander and a Prince Georgian. I live, work and farm in Prince George's County and this community is my home.

I have brought hundreds-of-millions of dollars in government investment to our community.

I have been a public servant for 19 years. In that role I have brought investment, innovation and positive change to my community and to those across the country.