Andrea is a nationally recognized leader on Environmental Justice. She lives in a Black-led community, where she has earned her position as a leader by being humble and listening to the experiences of her community. Andrea will take action to make systemic change to the polices and attitudes that continue to oppress Black, Brown and immigrant people and communities- and stand in the way of fair and equal opportunity. Andrea will work to ensure women have the tools and opportunities to thrive, and our rights are protected. She will ensure that equal opportunity is offered to those with disabilities and that LGBTQIA+ people feel safe, especially our youth. Andrea will always make sure that everyone has a seat at the table.

Support for Working Families

Working Families are fighting to make ends meet. We need federal policy and investment to help us succeed. Access to home ownership. Healthcare for all. High-quality affordable childcare. Jobs, investment and business opportunity in Southern Maryland.

Andrea has led national programs that have brought high quality jobs to communities across America, made affordable energy-efficient high quality housing available to families, and protected seniors. She has the proven expertise and knowledge to build programs to help Maryland families.


The cost of mitigating Climate Change and Environmental degradation is no longer a factor- we are in an emergency and we must come together as a world to protect ourselves and our future. Climate Change cannot be solved simply by technology, there are trade-offs, and we must be willing to invest in the future and prevent companies from using up the earth’s resources. This means implementing a Green New Deal and ensuring that we look at community solutions to environmental challenges, not just big capitalist solutions.

Andrea has brought solutions to communities across Prince George's County and the country. As a recognized environmental scientist and energy attorney, Andrea will put in place the policies to protect the Chesapeake Bay for those who rely on it for work and those who appreciate its beauty. She has a track-record of bringing innovation and economic development, while fighting climate change- she will work with local leaders to make our community a hub for green jobs and industry - by supporting real community investment, not endless suburban sprawl.


International Relations

We must develop a 21st century approach to International Relations.

The United States can and should be a leader that uplifts and strengthens democracy around the world. This requires a new approach, and acknowledgment of the goals and desires of all nations, especially those in the Global South, Africa and the Americas, who envision a future that is more open, more sustainable, and places equal value on people no matter into what circumstances they are born.

I strongly support an permanent, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. I further support ending all military aid to Israel until the government of Israel conforms to international law and standards, permits global aid to reach the Palestinian people, and returns to the negotiating table to establish a solution that includes equal-representation, self-determination, freedom of movement, and upholds and protects the rights and dignity of both Palestinian and Israeli people.