International Relations

We must develop a 21st century approach to International Relations.

The United States can and should be a leader that uplifts and strengthens democracy around the world. This requires a new approach, and acknowledgment of the goals and desires of all nations, especially those in the Global South, Africa and the Americas, who envision a future that is more open, more sustainable, and places equal value on people no matter into what circumstances they are born.

I strongly support an permanent, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. I further support ending all military aid to Israel until the government of Israel conforms to international law and standards, permits global aid to reach the Palestinian people, and returns to the negotiating table to establish a solution that includes equal-representation, self-determination, freedom of movement, and upholds and protects the rights and dignity of both Palestinian and Israeli people.

I am a proud and dedicated Democrat, who has volunteered in every cycle since my 18th birthday. I actively campaigned and organized to elect Joe Biden, and I am pleased with his domestic policy. However, I will be using my primary vote to protest the failure of President Biden and Democratic Party leaders to take a stand in support of the Palestinian people. As of March 2024, I am actively supporting and organizing for an uncommitted vote in Maryland. Learn more about uncommitted at





Crooms on Modern UN Policy

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